This website is a great way to stay informed.  It is user friendly and provides a variety of information. The site is broken into 5 main categories.

Elections- View elections calendar, results and candidates,

Issues- You can see a list of many important issues and each issue is explained briefly when you click on it. Related legislation is right there at your fingertips so you can read it and see how officials voted. 

Representatives- Find out who your representatives are, read their bios and get contact info.

Bills- View all legislation for each session of the Senate and the House.  Click on legislation to read summary and see votes.

Votes- View votes from the Senate and the House by year.

My favorite area has been the Issues section.  It helps me quickly look over current issues being brought up in the Senate and House.  If I have a strong feeling on an issue, I can click on my representative and follow the link to their official website where I am able to respectfully share my concern/opinion.


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