Frying Pan Farm Park is an educational, fun, inexpensive outing for families with kids 6 and under.  Conveniently located in Fairfax County, this park gets bonus points for having so much FREE fun for kids.  We like to go mid-morning and take a picnic lunch with us.  The park has picnic tables throughout and some nice grassy spots if all the tables are full.  There is plenty of parking on-site.  We like to park on the right side because we start with the animals and end with lunch at the picnic area alongside the parking lot.

There are lots of animals to visit.  You can walk out along the fields and see animals out to pasture.  Then, walk through the barns and visit animals big and small.  Every time we've been, there have been baby animals to see too!  After visiting the animals, the kids can climb on tractors or head over to the two playground areas.  There are benches for parents and plenty of space to park strollers.

On site, there is a little store that sells snacks, drinks and souvenirs.  Honestly, we have never been inside.  There is also a hayride and carousel you can pay to ride.  With so many fun things to see and do, I have never had a problem keeping my kids engaged without buying tickets for these attractions.  We did ride the carousel once.  The kids enjoyed it as they do any carousel.  My one word of caution to parents is to keep a hand on little ones because it seemed to move a little more suddenly and faster than other carousels.

One drawback I've noted to visiting mid-morning is this seems to be their peak time.  All the playdates, school groups and moms like me (trying to wear out the kids before nap time) are there.  If you would prefer to visit when the farm is less busy, I'd suggest trying the afternoon.

I definitely recommend taking a trip to Frying Pan Farm Park.  It is free fun for the family any day of the week.  My 2 year old son asks DAILY if we can go to the farm. :)
Frying Pan Farm Park 
Open daily: dawn-dusk


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