We started school at the end of August along with the rest of our county.  The kids were really excited and they have been working hard since.  They are so eager to learn!  This year, we are attempting to have more routine and structure to our day.  For starters, we all get up around 7:30am and have breakfast together.  This works out really well!  Previously, Jackson and I were up well before Aubrey.  By the time she was getting up Jackson and I had eaten and dressed.  Then, I had to feed and dress her.  It is nice not to draw out making breakfasts and dressing kids.  Now, we are able to begin school as soon as breakfast is over. We start with our morning devotion and "work" for about 2 hours. Then, we go out to play until lunch.  After lunch, we have rest time and then we finish up our school day (about 45 min).

Our school day consists of morning devotions/bible lesson, handwriting, math, technology, craft/cooking activity, language arts and science.  We are very hands-on holding to the belief that learning should be fun.  I do have the kids complete paper/pencil work as well; tying it to the hands-on learning.

Our major themes for the first 2 weeks:
Bible: Abraham
Math: Counting and Representing numbers (Jackson to 12 and Aubrey to 30); Sorting objects into groups
Science: Apples
Language Arts Skills:
   Jackson- Letter Sounds; writing name; word recognition- mom, dad, Aubrey, see
   Aubrey- Blends; journal writing; sight words; using picture clue with knowledge of phonics

Some books we read:
Ten Apples Up on Top
How Do Apples Grow
Apple Picking Time
Apple Cake
123 Peas
Numbers: A Lift the Flap Book

4 Playdates
Storytime @ Library
Apple Orchard

Letter ID- upper and lowercase
Letter Sounds
Dolch Pre-Primer Sight Word List

We finished up our apple theme in mid-September and then, took 3 weeks off when Tyler was born.  October's theme has been Fall- leaves and pumpkins.  Look for a more detailed post coming soon...

Finally, for your enjoyment, here are 2 videos of the kids performing the nursery rhyme from the first week: Little Miss Muffet.  We each took a turn playing Ms. Muffet, the spider and the narrator.  Both kids did a great job narrating and they had fun acting it out!

10/30/2013 4:33pm

Sounds like fun times. I loved the videos and pictures. Thanks for sharing.


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